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Glass and Quartz Materials

We offer the following glass and quartz products:

1.Pressed Glass:
(uncoated and coated)
PAR 38,30,20,16
MR16, MR11
Lens Covers and Reflectors
2.Glass Tubing:

Lead Glass
Soda Lime



Black Light Blue
Hard Glass 

3.Glass Bulbs (Shells) - Various types
Amber glass, Neodymium, automotive bulbs
4. Quartz

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We offer high quality quartz glass and quartz fabricated products "Made in Germany" for specialty and automotive lighting as well as for industrial applications. Quartz is available as cut tubing and rod in various dimensions

Glass Reflectors and Lens Covers
Glass Reflectors and Lens Covers
Glass Tubing
Glass Bulbs (Shells)
Glass Bulbs (SHells)
Neodynium Glass Shell


Glass Shells

We offer a full line of neodymium glass shells:

A19, A21, G25, R20, BR30, and halogena ND- glass shells

Neodymium Glass Bulbs